Customer Service and IT Operations Support

IT Project Operations and Network Management Support

Network Servers Installations at Data Center Physical infrastructure (MDF and IDF).

- I have experience in the areas of IT Project Coordination and IT Management Support for the installation of new Physical Infrastructure of the Network Data Center (Network Servers) and the Installation/Configuration of LINUX® Server Operating Systems, as well as Windows® Server Operating Systems (Data, Messaging, Internet, DNS, DHCP).

- I provided support with features of High Availability and Fault Tolerance through the use of VMware ®vSphere and ®vCenter Server. I also assisted with Clusters and Data Center Management by utilizing Virtual Networks and Load Balancing (®CentOS) and (®FreeNAS).

- Provided support with installations and configurations of (Windows Server 2008), and Cloud Services (VPS and NLB) through (®CentOS).

- Provided Tier 3 Systems Administration support: (TCP/IP) (DNS and DHCP), Windows Server, MS Exchange, AD Domain Services).

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